• LED Retrofit Spot Lamp
  • LED Retrofit Globe Lamp
  • LED Retrofit Candle Lamp
  • LED Retrofit T8/T10 Tube
  • LED Retrofit Modular
  • LED Combined Down Light
  • Combined Reflector Down Light
  • LED Combined Grill Light
  • LED Floodligh
  • ABOUT   US

    Who are we?
    VIPON Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd. is a Chinese manufacturer and distributor, specializing in green lighting solutions such as energy saving & LED lamps and fixture. Our manufacturing base locates in Longgang District of Shenzhen and sets sales office in Zhuhai and Shenzhen, where is about two hour car ride to Hong Kong and Guangzhou.

    We have experienced sales and R&D teams. Who are familiar with the styles and requirements of lighting products in European and North American market. The product range covers fluorescent light fixture, LED retrofit lamps and LED combined light fixtures. They are all designed and produced by latest mechanical standards and safety standards in Europe and North America. They are all compliance to CE certificates and a proportion of them are UL listed.

    Our mission
    People are more and more focusing in energy saving and environmental protection when using electrical appliances. Conventional incandescent and halogen lights waste too much electricity and emit too much CO2 to the planet. VIPON Optoelectronic Technology is dedicated to provide Ecological and Green lighting solutions for our customers as well as healthy and proper lighting environment. 

    What can we do?
    1. Provide the lighting solutions according to the applications.
    2. Make out the energy saving scheme.
    3. Welcome cooperation under OEM or ODM.
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